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Dos and Don’ts of Data-Driven Strategy
Do use baseline numbers to see movement on strategic goals Establish a baseline – what are your numbers today? Likes?
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3 Golden Rules of Data Visualization
Embarking on a data visualization project can be immediately fraught with frustration and the sense of being overwhelmed. There are
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4 Ways Data can Swamp You
1) Doing too much with your data Data can feel like a treasure trove that you’ve been sitting on for
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Data Visualization – keep it simple, save a bundle, communicate effectively
The promise of data visualization is that you’ll be able to derive insights from complex or noisy data. The implication
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Data – Why researchers don’t care about your fancy interface
We’ve all interacted with data through interfaces that are instantly overwhelming. We all feel as if data has this great
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Data visualization – how to communicate complex ideas with simple visuals
Complex data presented in simple and clear ways can seem like the holy grail but it doesn’t have to be.
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Data – One Size doesn’t fit all
Everyone loves data these days – if people haven’t jumped on the data viz bandwagon they’re feeling pressure. The mistake
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Boring but Powerful: Making Use of Configuration Data
When we talk product, we’re talking IT products which mean software – on some level. If you are in the
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