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If you build it … will they come?

No. That’s just not the world in which we live. There’s way too much noise out there. Even products and companies that are household names have sophisticated marketing and awareness strategies. Your idea could be amazing and never make a dime. Don’t forget the most important aspect of business – everything before and after the product itself!

Think of your product as the center of a maze – there is the path to the center and the path away from the center. How does a prospect find your product? How do they know your product is what they need? How does the user know your product will solve their problem? Once they’ve decided your product is the solution they are looking for – how do they become a customer? What kind of communication do you send them and how? How do they sign up? How do they start using your product? What do they do if they have issues or questions? Do they know they are appreciated? Are you available for help? Can they read, watch videos? Open tickets? Chat? Can they call? How easy is it to get started? How do you support new users?

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