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A complete and comprehensive support rubric is essential to a professional, low-cost, high-margin, online product. Support includes pre- and post-sales, in-product support, and traditional support mechanisms including user guides, helpdesk, knowledgebase articles, tutorials, troubleshooters, and videos. Without a comprehensive support process users can feel neglected to fail to renew, extend or initially subscribe to the service – severely impacting both product profitability and the overall value of the enterprise.

Service delivery is perhaps the most important aspect of commercialization. The goal of any profitable online product should be the lowest possible overhead automated delivery is the key to this metric. The user’s experience from initially learning about the product, through signing up, use and renewal should be smooth, friendly and clear. While at once totally hands-off and personalized, the product can potentially scale in the hands of a small team – invariably increasing its value in multiples directly proportional to how smoothly the product is delivered.

    Pre-sales support is the advance team. Let the users know it exists whether it be leave-behinds, conference materials, a slick site introducing it’s contribution to the world…
    Sales support addresses the technical questions. Appealing screenshots, addressing the user’s pain all to support sales.
    layers and regions within the product that allow the user to get support inside the product.
    documentation delivered digitally as guides, manuals, troubleshooters or videos – delivering the content as cleanly and directly as possible.
    is 24/7 helpdesk support to answer tickets, concerns, and feature requests; keeping your users constantly handled, supported and guided
    tutorials, troubleshooters, knowledgebase, and video-based demos all work to support the user.
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