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If you’ve already got a product, a platform, or a legacy system engage us for redevelopment.  Your system might need some deep work to get it compliant. It may need updating. It might not be quite functional. We can assess the state of your system, determine it’s health and a map a path forward. We can work to make it an up-to-date, viable, product that will continue to grow with you instead of hold you back.

Re-architecting the codebase, redesigning the interface, implementing responsive design, or adding essential features – are all part of this process. Typical redevelopment processes include a maturity assessment, an interface review, user studies, code review and formalizing the product development process.

Sometimes the baby SHOULD be thrown out with the bath water. Before you decide that’s the case just call us.

Development is a comprehensive analysis of the existing technology and what needs to happen to make it road-worthy, product-worthy, and viable. Interface and interaction, device display, privacy, compliance, roles, security and collection aggregation and reporting of results are all important user issues.

Our productization process follows a modified-agile methodology. We itterate the product over time and constantly deliver servicable architecture to the user for review and modification.

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