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Orchid offers an array of planning and assessment services – focused primarily on the technical and operational infrastructure of the organization. Whether it is choosing and implementing a new system, integrating several or diagnosing issues – Orchid can help with comprehensive technical assessments that always come with action plans and baseline arguments for gains, losses and costs for acting or waiting. We’ve found that having an outside take a look at a problem and it’s many parts can be more effective than trying to steal time from typically overburdened and time-strapped staff.

Strategic Planning

Align goals, objectives and campaigns with strong strategic planning initiatives that make sense to your capacity and the markets you operate in. Take the steps to streamline all the messaging, operations and plans and finally feel like things are all working smoothly. Our strategic planning services can help assess the market, the competition, staffing capacities, core competencies and much more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Technology Assessment, Selection, and Implementation

As organizations grow their systems can lag behind, become outdated and present risk that outweighs reward. Rarely do these organizations have the capacity to assess and determine next steps in-house. Our technology assessment services can give you an overall picture of your organization’s weak spots, all the technical pieces working together (or against each other) and note high risk areas of concern. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Operational Assessment and Action Planning

Growth is a double-edged sword. Organizations the outgrow their operations risk being swallowed by mismanagement, culture changes, and conflicts between staff that keep visionary leaders mired in details instead of out there pushing the mission. By comprehensively looking at your operations, staffing and infrastructure we can help you bridge the gap and bring along the staff that can make the next phase work smoothly. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Member Data Portals

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Support & Training

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Testing & QA

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Prototyping & MVP

Prototyping Sometimes all your idea needs is a little dose of reality. See it in action. Mock it up. Make it move. Taking a great concept to a prototype or proof of concept can make the difference between vaporware and a fundable concept. Orchid’s prototyping process includes broad stroke product development concepts, wireframe and user … Continue reading Prototyping & MVP

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