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Data and Data visualization Strategy

What is data visualization? At it’s most basic data visualization turning an organization’s data into charts, graphs, maps and other, preferably interactive, visual devices. The intent is to paint a picture and tell a story about the organization; its members, its reach, its impact. Associations are uniquely well-positioned to engage in data visualization because they have a lot of it – from the market, industry and their members, and clear strategic objectives to engage and leverage their impact for their members. In other words, associations can benefit significantly from being able to tell their story with pictures – formulated from data they already own and collect. Moreover, their members are fundamentally motivated to watch the numbers and understand the growth as it applies to their motivations and values.

What is a data visualization strategy? Conceiving of pretty, moving pictures is one thing. However, it is important to chart a path – from identifying the purpose, intent and strategic objectives through identifying the data, the sources, the frequency, the integration planning and the display, curation, rollout, and maintenance of the program. Orchid consultants can help thread all those needles and keep your organization from overspending, becoming mired in detail, and biting off more than you can chew.

Data assessment, visualization, and strategic services range from $5K to 15K and up. Timelines for such work typically run 3-6 weeks depending on the client’s availability for review, decisions, and consultation. Deliverables are tightly defined and actionable. Reach out to us today to get a free data strategy assessment to judge for yourself – just how ready you are to move forward.

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Technical assessment and strategic consulting

What is technical assessment? Technical Assessment is looking at all the places your organization touches, uses, or relies on technology and making recommendations on how to do it better, differently or more cost-effectively. Too often associations and non-profits alike adopt technology as they go along – with no real, over-arching strategy or perspective on how things fit together or conflict with each other. It is when licensing agreements expire, servers reach end-of-life, or key staff leave that an opportunity to re-evaluate presents itself. Orchid steps in with technical assessments and big-picture clarity around business process, communications, teamwork, and collaboration.

Orchid has provided technical strategy consulting for 24 years. Our services can be limited to the organization’s web presence and content strategy, or it can go as deep as member engagement and event management. We take an internal approach and endeavor to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are and how technology can support and mitigate. Since we’re not trying to sell you anything in this process, we can be mindful of your budget needs and project forward if and when it’d be wise to undertake different changes.

Associations are like many other non-profits in that they’ve often built their technical capacities and infrastructures as needs have presented themselves and resources have allowed – a reactive approach. Decisions have been made in the moment and very little time is invested in a comprehensive, technical strategy. Taking the time to get a global look at an organization’s current technical status and to formulate a plan can save time and resources and serve to leverage more of the organization’s wealth and impact.

Technical assessment and strategic consulting arrangements typically start at $5K. Timelines for such work typically run 3-6 weeks depending on the client’s availability. Deliverables are tightly defined and actionable. Reach out to us today to get sample plans and assessment templates.
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Technology selection and implementation

If we had a dollar for every technical project or software implementation that failed we’d be rich! Most organizations are wary of technical projects and try to avoid them at all costs. The path of least resistance is to do nothing and continue inefficient or painful workarounds, doing things manually and hoping things stay standing. The disruption of switching a significant piece of technology can be, at best, annoying and, at worst, catastrophic. Poorly managed implementation can easily doom an organization. Without a clear, exhaustive, understanding of the needs and a just-as-clear implementation plan – an organization is right to be worried.

Orchid can stand in the gap as an interim project manager or implementation coach. We can speak tech well enough to manage a vendor as well as your own staff needs, business process, and expectations. Fulfilling this role is insurance that the implementation is going to have fewer surprises, less pain, and a more acceptable outcome. Technical deployments are painful enough – minimize the risk and call us today.

Tech selection and implementation engagements really run the gamut and depend directly on the size of the technology itself. Drop us a line with some details and we’ll be able to give you a tight estimate.
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