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Orchid has the most experience in the following sectors:


Orchid’s experience with start-up organizations spans from early stage to late, from prototype development to mergers and acquisitions. Let us redevelop your interface or chart your lifecycle support system.

Working with start-ups is a special pleasure for our team. Founders can be passionate but also in great need for critical thinking, tough questions and deep analysis. Orchid’s team often plays a strategic role in keeping the operation moving to a clear and stable market launch.

Our services for startups include:

  1. development: MVP (minimum viable product), prototyping, road-mapping, tech and team selection
  2. design: UI/UX, (interface design), usability testing, branding
  3. commercialization: planning, pricing strategies, break-even analysis
  4. lifecycle support: developing

Learn more about our commercialization and prototype/MVP services here


Orchid has been working with associations for 25 years. We’ve built and re-build websites, integrated backend system, done back-office work and re-branded. Over the past 15 years associations have been under great pressure to clarify their message and purpose – as well as to evolve their brand and position. Of all the sectors Orchid works in – associations are the most data-rich and data-strategy-poor.

Our team takes great pleasure in working with associations because their markets are clear, their memberships concise and the mission of the organization often contained.

Our services for associations include:

  1. design: UI/UX, (interface design), branding, web design
  2. data: visualization, portals and strategy
  3. assessment: needs and technology
  4. technology selection and implementation

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Government Contractors

Government contractors are a special beast with special needs. Working with field operations within the context of government accountability and requirements present a special challenge, one we’re happy to help with. Data portals and reporting capacity is especially useful to this sector.

Our services for government contractors include:

  1. development: field data capacity, development
  2. design: UI/UX, branding, web design
  3. commercialization: planning, strategic consulting,
  4. data: visualization and portals

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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are notoriously passion-rich and resource-poor. The need for good branding and positioning is essential to keep the mission driven and the costs low. Over the 25 years of Orchid’s experience we’ve helped non-profits expand capacity, re-brand and launch projects. We’ve conducted extensive technology audits and developed software.

Our services for non-profits include:

  1. design: branding, web design
  2. data: visualization and portals

Learn more about our branding and data visualization offerings for non-profit organizations here …

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