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Do you rely on custom technology?

Do you rely on technology to run your business or serve your users but don’t consider yourself a technology company?

More and more organizations and companies have technology at the cores of their service. Platforms and systems need to be maintained, grown, updated, and supported.

How to be technology-centered and NOT be a technology company? Orchid’s commercialization and product management services is one solution. Many organizations solve this problem one of two ways – build on in-house tech team or rely on an as-needed provider to solve problems as they arise.

Most platforms need support and training that evolves with the user base, they also need interface updates to keep current, and development to address bugs and new features. Building a tech team is not feasible if you only need 25-50% of any one position at any given time. The solution becomes to hire one person who can do everything and hope for the best or just outsource the issues as they arise (fire drill).

Outsourcing issues as they arise is often just as problematic. Bugs and issues languish. If there is no product philosophy and process grounded in outcomes and objectives. Interfaces become quickly outdated. You end up playing catch up recapture users who’ve abandoned the technology.

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