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Predicting market reception; Launching new products
It can’t be done – predicting, that is. You need data and real-life conversations and truly, time and experience and
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The orchestra conductor is essential: why skilled people can’t work together without leadership
Software isn’t unlike a piece of classical music – each part doesn’t wholly make sense without the others – to
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Sales Support is Square One
I hear it over and over again – “my sales staff isn’t making their numbers.” It is said as if
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Technical leadership: 3 reasons paying for a lead is important
A strong leader understands how all the parts fit together and has a dynamic understanding of how things move through
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The single most important piece of taking software to market
Support. That’s the most important piece. Hands down. Very very few people do it well. I think that’s because 1)
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Does your team have what it takes to succeed? Elements of success
Personas Developing personas is a light and effective way to determine needs whether it be usability, interface, or actual function.
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If you build it … will they come?
No. That’s just not the world in which we live. There’s way too much noise out there. Even products and
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Remote Teams: When they work and when they don’t
I’ve worked with remote technical teams for 12 years now – on big projects and small. I haven’t done a
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Product Management, worldclass support, lifecycle support
Getting your product to market without losing your mind
Taking a product to market sounds easier than it is. Build something cool that everyone wants and – they’ll come.
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technical project implementation
IT Project Implementation – 6 Changes to Demand
Recently a friend asked me to review their IT contract and an implementation of a big knowledge management system that
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