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Does your team have what it takes to succeed? Elements of success
Personas Developing personas is a light and effective way to determine needs whether it be usability, interface, or actual function.
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Redesigning my site – What is more important? Content or Image?
When approaching a web design project the organization undoubtedly wants to address the content as well as the image. Five
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If you build it … will they come?
No. That’s just not the world in which we live. There’s way too much noise out there. Even products and
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3 Golden Rules of Data Visualization
Embarking on a data visualization project can be immediately fraught with frustration and the sense of being overwhelmed. There are
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4 Ways Data can Swamp You
1) Doing too much with your data Data can feel like a treasure trove that you’ve been sitting on for
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4 Useful Microsite Strategies
Make it Ease to Deploy Choose a system that allows fast and efficient deployment. If you are doing it in-house
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5 Must-Have features your site – Must Have
Capture Contact Information Don’t miss the opportunity to capture someone’s email address. It is reasonable to require an email address
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It is worth it? Running the numbers to determine profitability
Before you start on your quest to move the world with your hot new product – run the numbers to
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Product Management, worldclass support, lifecycle support
How much should I pay for a website?
Asking how much to pay for a website is like asking how much it costs to build a house. Where
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Remote Teams: When they work and when they don’t
I’ve worked with remote technical teams for 12 years now – on big projects and small. I haven’t done a
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