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Sales Support is Square One

I hear it over and over again – “my sales staff isn’t making their numbers.” It is said as if they are on an island by themselves and failing no less. Salespeople are expected to have a gift and perform the mysterious task of selling the product. There’s nothing magical about sales – save for where the passion for doing it comes from. It is a task that most people would rather chew their arms off than do. Sales are all method and strategy – two things that need support – rigorous, focused, evolving support. If you support your salespeople with good materials, expectations, and alignment – then the feedback salespeople bring back to you can be as useful as any. It is simple – If you don’t support your salespeople – they can’t do their jobs. When someone tells me they have the “wrong salespeople” I ask them what they’ve done to understand what’s missing.

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Support & Training

Support & Training A complete and comprehensive support rubric is essential to a professional, low-cost, high-margin, online product. Support includes pre- and post-sales, in-product support, and traditional support mechanisms including user guides, helpdesk, knowledgebase articles, tutorials, troubleshooters, and videos. Without a comprehensive support process users can feel neglected to fail to renew, extend or initially … Continue reading Support & Training

Member Data Portals

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Planning & Assessment

Orchid offers an array of planning and assessment services – focused primarily on the technical and operational infrastructure of the organization. Whether it is choosing and implementing a new system, integrating several or diagnosing issues – Orchid can help with comprehensive technical assessments that always come with action plans and baseline arguments for gains, losses … Continue reading Planning & Assessment

Product Management

Product Management Effective product management ideally involves the entire lifecycle of the product. For a new product that might include market analysis and a product charter. For a more established or functional product management includes prioritization, gap analysis, use case definition, and competitive analysis. Each of these areas has deliverables to keep the team, the … Continue reading Product Management

End-to-End Lifecycle Support

Support – Development, Staffing, and Management You’ve got a great idea, a great product — the best of the best. But support issues are taking the shine off the success. There’s no rubric, no system, no clarity. Pre-sales is guessing, post-sales support doesn’t exist, in-product support consists of a single help dialog, there’s no helpdesk, … Continue reading End-to-End Lifecycle Support

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