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Data – Why researchers don’t care about your fancy interface

We’ve all interacted with data through interfaces that are instantly overwhelming. We all feel as if data has this great uptapped potential but can’t seem to access it effectively. Researchers – those among us who can absorb endless spreadsheets, complex queries, and software like “quant” and “r” would rather NOT access your data through that complicated interface. So if you’re considering building some complicated interface or to engage in some expensive licensing to give people that kind of access – don’t. Researchers want raw data they can manipulate themselves.

Do this:

1) Scope the range of stakeholders and the interest they have in the data – the level of detail, the range of variation they’d reasonably be interested in exploring.

2) Look at each segment of your audience and determine the story you want to tell.

3) Attach data, visuals and variations to each story

4) Use the resulting stories to craft your data visualization strategy and implementation plan.

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