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Data visualization – how to communicate complex ideas with simple visuals

Complex data presented in simple and clear ways can seem like the holy grail but it doesn’t have to be. Rolling complex data into simple, clear, graphics can be very successful in clarifying a mission, vision, or strategy. Showing progress and interactive interfaces can be a creative way to engage your user and influence them positively.

Do this:

1) When crafting a data visualization project determine what actions you want your audience to take as a result of interacting with the data.

2) Judge your data visualization expectations squarely against your stated vision, mission, and goals. If they don’t align fix them – any one of them.

3) Decide what conclusions you want people to make about the data and what it means; what is the intent? You’re putting it out there for specific purposes – it isn’t purely an academic exercise. Don’t be afraid to guide.

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