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5 Must-Have features your site – Must Have

Capture Contact Information

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture someone’s email address. It is reasonable to require an email address when someone is downloading an ebook or a whitepaper so don’t think it’s asking too much. If someone is reluctant to give you their basic contact info, they are likely not a prospect (yet).

Use Analytics – and Look at them periodically

Pay attention to your metrics – visits, and timing. As you touch your audience with blogs or events, pay attention to the trend. You can learn a lot by seeing a difference between opens at different times of the day or within the week. If you are consistent are the trends positive? What are you doing differently? Analytics is a long game, so you have to commit, and the only way to know you’re succeeding is to watch the numbers.

Establish a Baseline

Figure out where you are, to begin. Put a stick in the sand. How many subscribers or followers do you have? How many people open or read your stories? What topics get the most leverage on your blog? Then watch the analytics based on that baseline. If you don’t know where you are starting how do you know if you’ve moved?

Automate Your Marketing

If consistency is key then automation is essential. Line up blog posts for months in advance. Set-up your email marketing in the same way – by setting up triggers for sending nudges or tips or subscriber notes. By setting it all up in advance, you can gin up the energy and get it all done without having to consistently sit down and pull valuable content out when you may not feel like it. If some breaking news requires you to write something time sensitive you can always break into your schedule or send a great deal email. Automation means consistency is even possible.

Invest in Content Marketing

The internet is a giant self-service bar. People investigate and research their problems and the solutions that are out there. If given the opportunity your prospects will move down your sales funnel on their own. They’ll sense they have a problem and find a blog post on your site that talks about it; confirming that yes, indeed, there’s a problem. They’ll look for solutions and perhaps find an ebook you’ve published. Then they’ll look for solutions to their problem – this search should lead them back to you.

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