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4 Useful Microsite Strategies

Make it Ease to Deploy

Choose a system that allows fast and efficient deployment. If you are doing it in-house make sure you’ve thought through this part in advance, so you are not dumping a fire drill on overburdened or unprepared technical staff. If you are outsourcing talk through this in advance as well so you can minimize last minute decision making.

Create a Fixed Set of Features

Establish an array of basic features that every site will have. This will allow you to more efficiently deploy but also streamline the decision making process. More than likely the more important aspect is the message or the product – everything also should come out of the box without sucking up time and energy in meetings and discussions.

Make it Strategically Relevant

Before deploying a micro-site test it against your strategic plan. Every microsite needs to be tied tightly to your strategic plan with clear intent and focus. Without this, the organization can become scattered; wasting precious energy on content creation and promotion.

Cross Promote

Make sure to keep you microsites deliberately and obviously linked. Logos in the footer, links in the navigation. Don’t waste an opportunity to cross-promote traffic by forgetting this step.

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