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Executive Team

Tanya Renne
Senior Management
Tanya is the CEO of Orchid and manages the growth and vision of the company. Her role is to establish the baseline of every product development effort – understanding the core drivers and how they fit into the vision forward. She guides the Design Directive process, the outcomes of the wireframing of the system and the overall vision and goals. She also plays the role of sourcing talent specific to each project effort and manages the resources needed to successfully complete each stage. Her involvement is steady and strong through the entire lifecycle of the project.
Paul Mark Bartolome
Paul is the Chief Implementation Officer at Orchid. His role is to operationalize the vision of the platform and communicate the execution to the rest of the team; managing personnel, tasks and outcomes as necessary. Paul’s knowledge of Orchid technology together with a broad understanding of changing product delivery best practices makes him an invaluable part of every product effort at Orchid.
Hadley Kincade
Project and Product Management
Hadley is an internal project manager and quality assurance engineer with great attention to detail and tolerance for tedium. Hadley’s focus on the user experience and how an interface communicates its function is her specialty. Her involvement in the project is to make sure milestones are met and functionality is rolled, clearly communicated and tested appropriately. Hadley is also part of any documentation and support effort that engages once a product is launched.
Leo Gallardo
Interface Design
Leo is a gifted interface designer skilled in both admin and user UI/UX. His technical skills surpass most designers’ skill sets, making him invaluable in any integrated effort. His role is to take Design Directives and turn them into 2-3 design expressions, identify opportunities for ease-of-use or interactivity and continue to offer refinements to the UI/UX as the project proceeds.
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